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3 Bank Holidays This Week

If you have essential banking tasks which you have planned this week then either you will have to reschedule them or postpone them. This week banks in India will remain closed, because of this reason you can contact your bank to reschedule your pending tasks.

All the banks remain closed for four consecutive days (in some part of country) this week. So, complete your essential tasks before April 14 as the banks are closed till April 17.

April 14: Banks will be closed in almost all parts of the country for Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti/Mahavir Jayanti/Baisakhi/Vaisakhi/Tamil New Year’s Day/Cheiraoba/Biju Festival/Bohag Bihu, except for Shillong and Shimla.

April 15: Banks will be closed in almost all parts of the country on the occasion of Good Friday/Bengali New Year’s Day (Nababarsha)/Himachal Day/Vishu/Bohag Bihu.

April 16: Banks will be closed in Guwahati on the eve of Bohag Bihu

April 17: Sunday

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