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Who would you like to be – The Ant or the Grasshopper!

antRemember the story of the ant and the grasshopper ? In that story, the grasshopper loved to sing and dance in the lovely weather during spring, whereas the ants were working hard to store the food. Grasshopper laughed at them. What a life, he said. The ants ignored him and continued to work hard. When the cold winter came, the virtue of the savings helped them survive through. The grasshopper was starving and did not know where to go. He lands up at the anthill. The kind ants take him in and give him food. The grasshopper realized how important it is to save while the times are good. In bad times, anyway, you do not have anything to save.

Such a wonderful story! What a powerful message? This is supposed to be a story for the kids, but has very important lesson for the adults as well.
So what is the message here? Well, once again, there is a need to save for tomorrow as well as to spend for today. It is a fine balance that one has to strike between the demands of the present and the needs of the future. A careful analysis of one’s needs is important. It is an understanding of choices that one needs to make. The decisions that one take will determine what future life one would lead.


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