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The MF AUM has crossed Rs.40 lakh crore

The MF AUM has crossed Rs.40 lakh crore for the time to reach AUM of Rs.40.49 lakh crore in November 2022.

Further, the SIP inflows and total folio count also remained at record level for the second month in a row.  While the SIP inflows were at Rs.13,306 crore, the highest so far, the total folio count as well as the retail folio counts reached an all-time high in November 2022. They stood at 13.98 crore and 11.18 crore, respectively.

NS Venkatesh, CEO, AMFI said, “Our investor education campaigns by AMFI have constantly motivated people to invest a part of their savings regularly and participate in capital markets through the mutual fund route.”

AMFI’s view on these trends  

NS Venkatesh said, “Market continues to react to global headwinds. Rate hikes will continue to impact global markets but not for long, irrespective of that mutual fund industry has performed well. There have been outflows from the retail schemes as people are encashing profits, the reason being increased consumption, owing to the festive season. Retail investors have faith in the MF Industry growth, therefore they will re-enter the market quickly. We have seen encouraging growth in many schemes, especially Index schemes led by equity schemes.”   

He added, “We believe the upcoming budget will bring cheer to the market which will clear the pathway to more inflows in various schemes, however, debt schemes will stabilise once the RBI rate hikes stabilise. Mutual fund investors have shown resilience and continue to invest in SIPs, with consistent contribution month-on-month.”  

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