Market Update

Market Update: 11 July 2022

Indian shares fell on Monday, dragged by technology companies after top IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services missed estimates for June-quarter profit.

The sharp decline in prices of commodities, particularly of crude, metals, wheat and edible oil augurs well for inflation management in India. This means, RBI can afford to go a bit slow on hiking interest rates in India. This positive trend is likely to keep the domestic equity market resilient

NIFTY 5016216-5
NIFTY Midcap 10027908+0.94%
NIFTY Smallcap 1008813+0.95%
NITY Bank35470+0.98%
NIFTY Auto12253+1.05%
NIFTY IT27381-3.08%
NIFTY Metal4894+1.97%
NIFTY Pharma12565+0.93%
USD / INR79.42

“Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold.”
― Bob Marley

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