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Important: Security Update

As mandated by SEBI, Mutual Fund/RTA is required to send intimation to both old and new address in case of change in address effected by the investor. As you are aware, Change of Address is currently happening through KRA, and new address is getting updated in MF/RTA database based on unsolicited feeds received from concerned KRA. To avoid multiple communication from each AMC separately from each of the Funds serviced by CAMS, CAMS is sending one common communication / intimation on behalf of Mutual Funds serviced by CAMS by email / letter.

When such intimation is returned undelivered from new address, as risk aversion purpose, CAMS call centre is initiating the call to such customer(s). If they respond negatively or if they disconnect or unable to reach them up to 3 times, we are locking the folios for the investor safety and unlocked when firm confirmation is received from the investor.

This communication is intended to request you to keep your customers informed of the above process and if any call received from CAMS, please request them to take calls and confirm the change of address process initiated by them. This will avoid the inconvenience of folio lock and other resultant impact.

Trust you will appreciate the above measure for your customer safety and oblige accordingly by alerting your clients suitably.

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