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Do You Know: Unnamed Railway Station

You will surely be surprised to learn that there is a railway station in India which does not have a name. The country had 7349 railway stations as of March 31, 2017, but only one of them is ‘unnamed’. You’re probably wondering how passengers get on the train from a station with no name.

This railway station is in the state of West Bengal, falling in the district Bardhaman. This nameless train station is situated in the village of Raina, some 35 kilometres from the Bardhaman district headquarters. In the year 2008, Indian Railways constructed a train station in this area. The one and only railway station in the nation without a name.

What was the reason for not naming the station?

You’re probably wondering why Indian Railways didn’t name this station. The reason is a disagreement between two villages – Raina and neighbouring Rainagar – about the station’s name. As a consequence, the station has remained unnamed to this day.

Nevertheless, a train named Bankura-Masagram arrives at the station six times a day. New travellers arriving at the platform are taken aback to find that the station has no name. This station has a board at the station, but nothing is inscribed on it.

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