Numbers Never End

The Friday Story

There is a Zen story that recounts how a famous Zen master was invited to a banquet. He arrived dressed in his beggar’s cloths. The host, not recognizing him, chased him away. The Zen master went home, changed into his ceremonial robe of purple brocade, and returned. With great respect, he was shown into the banqueting room. Once there the Zen master took off his robe and laid it carefully on the place where he had been asked to sit. “I have no doubt,” he said, “that it is my robe that is expected, as you turned me away from your door when I first arrived,”—and left.

Moral : We often respond to the façade, or external presentation of a person, rather than the real person inside the clothes or behind the fancy title. But none of us is wealthy until we possess things that money can’t buy

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