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Sanchayika Day : 15 September

Sanchayika Day or the school banking day is celebrated in India every 15th of September each year. This day aims to promote the habit of saving money among students.  Sanchayika Day is used to create a lot of ideas and plans to make the Students become lot more curious to save their money for the future activities. It is important to realize the importance of saving and investing.  Starting to invest early and staying disciplined could help build a promising future in the long term. #StaySafeYetInvested in your prosperity and good health. 


What is a Sanchayika Bank?

The Sanchayika is a term that denotes the bank run by students themselves. The scheme encourages students to start a saving habit at an early age. They are also taught with the principles of banking operations in realistic ways. They are also encouraged to open their own bank accounts or post office acocunts. It was in the early year of 1970 when the government of India made a provision for students to have their own banking facility called the Sanchayika, which is categorized under National Savings.

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