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imagesI regularly receive requests to help share with you what I do to save money.  It’s natural for me to save because I’ve actually worked too hard to reach where I am today. But I’ve realized that it’s okay to spend money in order to create memories (for example, all the traveling we do).  I still have a hard time spending money on “things”.  Even my closest childhood friend calls me ‘ kanjoos’ 🙂

In case you really want to save money then you have to accept my challenge. Remember Finance is just like Fitness – you have to STICK WITH IT to see results, sometimes they don’t come as quickly as you would like but if you stick with it a year from now you will be amazed at what you accomplished.

If you follow my savings plan listed below you will save Rs 42,000/-  in one year!  The monthly amount may sound like a lot at first but there are ways that everyone can cut back. And if you have more money to put away – double this, or make your own plan based on this.

Here is my Challenge to you



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  1. Tell me how can i save the Money. My salary is 23k. My commitments is also same 23K.


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