Life Insurance

LIC Jeevan Vriddhi

 Source : ET Dt. 12.03.2012

Get Jeevan Cover and Higher ‘Vriddhi’ in Maturity Gains

Product Details
LIC’s Jeevan Vriddhi is a single premium policy with a 10-year term that offers guaranteed returns on maturity. The guaranteed additions are determined by the age of the policyholder and the amount of single premium paid. The death benefit in this scheme is equivalent to five times the amount of premium paid

Key Features
The guaranteed maturity benefit ranges from 4.70% to 7.09% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) for a period of 10 years. The same is determined by the age of the policyholder at the time of investing from 8 years to 50 years.
However, in the case of single premium payments above 1 lakh, there is an increase of about 0.46% CAGR in the guaranteed maturity benefit. For single premium payments between 50,000 and up to 1 lakh, the increase in guaranteed maturity benefit is about 0.20% CAGR for a period of 10 years.

Surrender Value
The minimum guaranteed surrender value is 90% of the amount of the single premium.

Comparative Analysis
Assuming a single premium payment of 1,00,000 for a policy term of 10 years, the comparative analysis of the maturity proceeds that will accrue to various age groups from LIC Jeevan Vriddhi vis-à-vis a similar investment made in a bank fixed deposit (net of term premium to ensure life cover & taxes) is illustrated herewith:

Our View
Investors who do not currently have a term plan and are looking out for a comprehensive investment cum insurance plan can consider LIC’s Jeevan Vriddhi. As compared to the highest returns currently offered by a bank FD (9.25% by SBI for 10 years), Jeevan Vriddhi offers better gains on maturity if one were to adjust the bank FD’s returns for premium paid for term plan and income tax at the highest tax slab

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