Health Insurance

Family Health Insurance Benefits

  • Individual Health Insurance covering the entire family is called a “Family Floater Plan”
  • Family floater plans usually costs less if compared to a family having individual life insurance plans for each and every member of the family
  • There are not any per specific illness limit or limitation
  • The whole family gain the benefit; the floater plan gives a combined cover at a low cost
  • Before Buying, always check your household’s current and projected health care needs
  • Always compare. Can do on online insurance aggregator sites.
  • Once you have determined what type of coverage you need, search for the good Advisor who can help your family during the time of crises
  • Always read the fine print, check for hidden costs
  • Check the network hospitals. Try for nearest included hospital located
  • Always buy floater policy that goes with guaranteed renewable coverage
  • Avail tax benefits under section 80D of the income tax act

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