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5 things you must know about your MF statement

Your work doesn’t stop at investing in mutual funds. Keeping track of them is as important as deciding where to invest. The account statement helps you do just that.

Once you invest in a mutual fund (MF) scheme, your MF sends you a statement within seven working days that gives details of the investments. Your MF account statement is just like a bank passbook, and gives information on all recent transactions done within a particular folio.

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The Securities and Exchange Board of India mandates that in addition to sending account statements to unit holders as and when there is some action in the account (redemption, additional investment or dividend declaration, for instance), MFs also have to send an account statement, at least once a year, for every folio a unit holder has.

What to check

1. Current cost and value

Current cost is the amount you invested in a scheme while current value is the latest market value of your investments as on the date the statement is generated. Also, the price of one unit will be the net asset value (NAV).

2. Folio and account numbers

Make a note of folio and account numbers. Most MFs offer one folio number and several account numbers in the same folio for all investments under the same unit holder combination. This makes for easier tracking all your investments with same MF.

3. Bank details

Check your account number and bank name. If you want to change your bank mandate, fill out the slip at the bottom of your account statement and submit to your fund or thru your distributor. Pl note that for changing bank details you have to submit the cancelled chq for old and new bank accounts.

4. PAN & KYC details

kyccIt is mandatory for you to give the correct Permanent Account Number (PAN) and KYC, irrespective of the amount invested. Check your PAN mentioned in the account statement and ensure that you are KYC compliance. Click to check your KYC status 

5. Advisor name

advisroIf you have invested through distributor, his name and code will appear on the statement. However, if you have invested directly, these parts should be left blank on your account statement. Ensure that this has happened.

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