High Coverage + Tax Saving + Maturity with LIC’s Jeevan Mitra Triple Cover

licad1Best for the persons who want to provide a big sum assured for the protection of their family in case of unfortunate death  during policy period.

On natural death during the policy term this plan gives TRIPLE the sum assured + Bonuses.  And in case of death due to accident 4 times  of the basic sum assured + Bonuses.

Illustration for 30 year of age:

Policy Term                         :                21 years

Basic Sum assured            :               500000/-

Premium                               :                 26975/-

Premium Modes                :                Y/HY/Q 

Coverage in case of Natural Death : 15 Lac + Bonuses

Coverage in case of Accidental Death :  20 Lac + Bonuses

Maturity Amount             :               11,80,000.00 (aprox)

Tax Saved                            :                 1,73,334.00 (in 30% Slab)

Net Premium                      :                 3,93,141.00 (Net of tax saved )

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