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Get Rich :.: Do Nothing

do-nothing-leadin-webSometime ago markets were falling and people were talking about selling everything and doom. Now once again markets are rising and the same people who told you to sell everything a few weeks ago are talking about buying.

Many people make the mistake of looking at the stock prices every thirty minutes. Just a small rise of 10% and they sell. Just a small fall of 5% and they panic. These people won’t get rich. They will just be busy Sick smile

Investments in the stock market are like seeds. They will grow into trees only if you give them time. If you keep removing your seed and changing soils every other day, your seed will remain a seed Wilted rose

Don’t get carried away by brokers and people telling you about “smart” trading continuously. A large part of your money should be invested and not touched.

One of the world’s richest investors,  Warren Buffett, doesn’t care if the stock markets were to be closed for the next year, because daily stock prices don’t influence his investment in any way.

If you want to be rich, simply invest and do nothing. Just stick to a fundamentally strong company or a Mutual Fund that has growth potential ahead Red rose

Remember, time is the best friend of a good, fundamentally strong investment Clock

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