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LIC settles claims worth of Rs 53,954 crores

lic_logoLife Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has settled over 2.11 lakh claims during the 2009-10 fiscal amounting over Rs 53,954 crore.

LIC chairman T.S. Vijayan said at least 97.47% total maturity claims were settled on or before the date of maturity while 95.16 per cent of non-early death claims were settled within 15 days of intimation.

LIC is fastest in claims settlement. Outstanding claims – both maturity and survival benefit – ratio is just 1.13%. Similarly,  outstanding death claims stands at 1.41%.

LIC has grown by leaps and bounds in the challenging and dynamic phase of the life insurance industry, the Total Premium Income (TPI) for the fisal 2009-2010 was Rs 1,85, 986 crore and gross total income stood at Rs 2,98,721 crore.


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